The Side Hustle Challenge

The Side Hustle Challenge

Do You Got What it Takes to Run Your Own SIde Hustle?



#1. What is your main financial objective?

According to a recent Employ survey, 43-percent of Americans would like to start side hustle. The main reason was to reduce/eliminate debt or to just get by. Amazingly, a side hustle can also be utilized towards accumulating wealth. Either way, a side hustle can be beneficial to your annual income.

#2. I am willing to spend ____ hours per week:

Dedicating a certain amount of time each week is key to starting and maintaining a successful side hustle.

#3. Do you have access to a computer and high-speed internet at home?

This question may seem silly but you will need high-speed access. While on the topic, always obtain computer virus protection. Your livelihood could be at stake due to a virus or ransomware. It just makes good sense.

#4. Your level of computer/internet skills:

For those just starting out, there are many online courses and YouTube videos to help get up to speed. As for the rest of you, you’re probably wondering… ‘who would select “None?”

#5. (Select Your Status) I know what side hustle I want to start:

Not surprising, a vast majority select the top two answers. Finding the right hustle seems to be the most challenging. If you have skills to meet the needs, look for what you enjoy. For those who selected “Definitely,” congratulations! It demonstrates your true desire to get your side hustle up and running.

#6. How soon do you want to start?

Taking action is always encouraged. Start by determining your time allotment, inventory your skills and research areas which interest you. Bottom line, nothing is going to happen unless you take action and the best time to act is NOW!

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