Side Hustle Ideas & Strategies

Properly planning your side hustle idea and laying down a solid strategy is key to your side hustle success.

You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone. However, family and friends can also be a valuable resource in brainstorming your side hustle strategy. Get their opinions and write down every idea, no matter how absurd. You will have the opportunity to edit your ideas later.

Linear Lists vs. Mind Maps

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To organize your ideas, you can use either a simple linear list or you can use a mind map.

Long linear lists can be hard to make sense of and some may find them disorienting and overwhelming at the same time. It’s hard to show ideas that are similar to each other on a linear list.

On the other hand, mind maps provide a more logical and organized way to view your ideas. Their free and non-linear format allows you to easily move ideas around, connect similar ideas and group them together. It’s so much easier to get a bird’s eye view of your strategy on a mind map.

There are plenty of mind-mapping software out there. You can try out an app like Bubble ( or Mindomo ( Their free- forever versions allow you to create up to 3 mind maps.

Your Edge

One very important thing you need to consider when planning out your side hustle strategy is your competitive advantage.

What makes your selling proposition unique? What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Why should someone choose you over the competition?

Answer those questions and make them your selling point when you start reaching out to potential clients. They may ask those tough questions, so you must plan your answers beforehand, and most importantly, believe in them! Think outside the box if you need to, but it is necessary to have a solid marketing strategy in place.

Branding Your Side Hustle

Another thing to consider is your branding. Even if you are just starting a “little” side hustle, if you want to succeed you will need to brand yourself in order to reach your target audience and attract their business.

Proper branding will make your marketing efforts much easier. Your goal is for people recognize and trust your brand.

It’s All About the Details

Side Hustle Boss

You may be tempted to skimp on the details and just figure things out as you go. In doing so, you may experience roadblocks or pitfalls that could have easily been avoided if you had taken the time to plan things out.

You want to minimize obstacles and challenges, but also be prepared when they do happen. Successful entrepreneurs are proactive rather than reactive. It is wise to prepare for whatever might occur, rather than to react as things happen.

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