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    About Bitcoin Side Hustles

    Michael Cruz is communications consultant, community volunteer, and author.

    Award-winning specialist who shows others how to participate in the crypto-economy.

    He currently serves as the CEO of RMC Digital Holdings and lives in southern California.

    (NOTE: View Michael’s entire bio on Amazon).


    Michael Cruz
    3505 Atlantic Avenue #1045
    Long Beach, California 90807


    Title: Bitcoin Side Hustles

    Subtitle: 33 Ideas to Make Money Online with Cryptocurrencies
    ISBN: 978-1-536-8794-0 (print)
    Page Count: 88
    Formats: Paperback, eBook (PDF), Kindle
    Publish Date: January 1, 2022
    Subject: Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency


    Sample Interview Questions

    What exactly is a side hustle?
    Why did you write the book?
    Why is this one of the best times to start a side hustle?
    Is everyone cut out to start their own side hustle?
    How do you determine which side hustles are selected for the book?
    Can anyone do these side hustles from home?
    Do I need to own Bitcoin or other crypto to get started?
    Do I need trading experience?
    What exactly are NFTs?
    Do you only get paid in Bitcoin? 
    What exactly is crypto mining?
    Is it true people using a spare computer to earn Dogecoin?
    Why is a great time to be an artist?
    Is it true one crypto YouTuber makes about $85,000/month?
    Can you do more than one side hustle at a time?
    How do you avoid scams?
    Where can I get a copy of the book?

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