The word “HUSTLE”

What is the meaning of HUSTLE? (includes word pronunciation).
Ever wonder what the meaning or definition of the term “hustle”?

If you’re looking for the definition or meaning of the term hustle, then you’re in the right place. The word Hustle has been mentioned in the media a great deal lately. No wonder it’s ranked as one of the top 1% of words looked up online!

I need to know the answer!

Let’s take a closer examination at its origin, significance, and some fun facts about this word.

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The term HUSTLE is derived from the Dutch term “husselen” which translates to “shake things up.” Its use was first recorded sometime in the 1670’s.

Today, HUSTLE is a middle school-level term that can be used as both a noun and a verb. According to various dictionary website such as Merrium-Webster, there are around 22 different definitions. Just a few examples are:

  • to be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings
  • to proceed or work rapidly or energetically
  • to convey or cause to move, especially to leave, roughly or hurriedly
  • to get something done quickly

The Urban Dictionary also lists some less than flattering definitions. For example, Hustle could imply a sexual situation, or someone who possesses nefarious intentions.

Learn more about the history of “hustle.”

The term Hustle is also known as:

A 1976 pop song and disco dance

A TV drama series on the BBC

A text-messaging platform

A community in the state of Virginia

The title of 3 different Hollywood movies

The US Navy had a ferry aptly commissioned the USS Hustle

As noted, the word Hustle is a “hot” word, searched out on Google everyday. It’s currently ranked in the top 1% of American English search terms. Searches spiked in 2021 when Elon Musk appeared on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, he stated that pushing Dogecoin was just a “hustle.”

While he conveyed regrets for saying that, as the world’s wealthiest man, people tend to pay attention to his every word. Unfortunately, Elon Musk went on to make even more unfavorable comments in April 2021, and within 48 hours over $650 billion in capital was wiped off crypto exchanges across the globe.

How would you define Elon Musk, as an influencer or a hustler?

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

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