How to “Earn” Free Bitcoin without Trading

Very real ways to acquire bitcoin and crypto without trading

As the price of one whole bitcoin seems to getting out of reach for most people, there are still ways you can obtain real bitcoin. Yes, in most cases you may to exert a little effort but the rewards, especially over time could actually add up to a nice amount.

As the crypto-verse matures, countless opportunities are there for the taking and add up to be supplemental revenue.

Crypto-back Credit Cards

Cash-back credit cards have been around for a while and now it’s bitcoin’s turn. This is actually one of the easiest methods of getting free bitcoin. Hypothetically, if you spent $12,000 a year on your bitcoin-back credit card, $120’s worth of free bitcoin is not a bad deal. Both MCO Visa Card and Fold have certain requirements so it’s best to check with them directly. offers a decent range of different Visa cards with varying cash-back rates for their Users. Their standard card, known as “Midnight Blue” offers the standard 1% cashback rate, whereas their premium card, named “Obsidian,” offers a generous 8%. There are some limitations with each card program so be sure to read the fine print.‘s MasterCard is another exchange where you’re able to get cash-back and with no annuals fees. Gemini has three cashback categories. Get 2% cashback from buying groceries, 3% cashback from dining and 1% cashback on virtually any other kind of purchase.

Crypto-back Shopping

The joys of shopping with a crypto-back credit card.

Most people love to shop online because of its convenience. A few website will give you bitcoin-back when you make qualified purchases. The rates and products constantly change it’s a great way to spend for what you need while adding bitcoin to your digital wallet. You can earn up to 25% in Bitcoin with Lolli’s program with selected merchants.

CoinRebates offers cashback for shopping in over 300 online stores, including BestBuy, Walmart and Expedia.

CoinCorner is another service that lets you earn cashback on purchases when shopping online. Their website pays out their cashback exclusively in Bitcoin, so it may be a worthwhile option for you if it’s your prefered cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin Faucets

Invented many years ago to promote bitcoin, these faucets dispense bitcoin after completing certain tasks. If you like taking surveys or clicking ads then this may be for you. You’re not going to get rich but at least you will be able to claim you received “free” bitcoin. Be sure to read the site’s rules before you invest any time. Some of the popular faucets are: Bitcoinker, BTC Clicks and Cointiply.


Invented many years ago to promote bitcoin, these faucets dispense bitcoin after completing certain Companies that sell Bitcoin and other crypto coins are always on the hunt for new customers. US-based Coinbase will give you $10 and the new person you “invite” to their exchange. Yes, they have to buy or sell $100 of any crypto but this could be an easy way to earn some Bitcoin without buying it directly.

Beware of scams

Sadly, there are countless scams associated with cryptocurrencies. Be sure to stay away from well-known scams such as cloud mining, bitcoin gambling and fake mining hardware distributors. You’re pretty much guaranteed to lose money on these types of platforms.

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