5 Well-Paying Side Hustle Ideas You Can Do Right Now

According to CNBC, “Starting a side hustle business is one the smartest financial moves you can make right now.”


It seems everyone is searching for a lucrative side hustle idea these days. However, being a ride share driver or delivering food, while contributing to our economy, simply may not appeal to everyone.

The good news is… many budding entrepreneurs already possess the skill(s) necessary to succeed in any of the five well-paying side hustles listed below, easily earning an extra $1,000 (or more) monthly. This is quite attainable, and who couldn’t use some extra income right now?

Here are a few !out-of-the-box” side hustle ideas you can establish from home, or anywhere you have regular access to the internet and a computer:

Social Media Consultant – Most businesses recognize the benefits of a strong social media presence, but aren’t seeking to hire someone full time. This is where you come in! According to Upwork, the average Social Media Account Manager earns about $30 per hour. If you specialize in a particular industry, you could receive an even higher hourly rate. [Upsell opportunities]

Online Instructor – Who doesn”t want to learn a new hobby, craft, or trade or perhaps augment an existing one? As an Online Instructor you can charge anywhere from $15 up to $100 per class/session, depending on the subject matter. Maybe you’re into arts & crafts, rebuilding engines or fluent in a second language. Or perhaps you’re a budding chef, fitness buff or computer whiz? The topics are endless, thus so are the opportunities. No college degree required, simply teach a subject in which you excel.

Presentation Creator – For many businesses, a creative and comprehensive presentation can be their best shot at gaining new clients, so they need it done right! According to Fiverr, this is the most popular service sought out on their freelance platform. The average presentation gig pays $255. Even if you”re not familiar with MS Powerpoint or Apple Keynote, these presentation apps are simple to learn. [Upsell opportunities]

Specialty Writer – According to one of leading freelance marketplaces, the average Writer earns $35 to $125 per article. The more specialized your knowledge, the higher the amount you can command. One key advantage of this side hustle idea is becoming a proficient writer is not a difficult skill to acquire. [Upsell opportunities]

Digital Arts – Now is great time to be a Digital Artist, as their services are in high demand. Utilize your artistic abilities by designing and creating logos, social media graphics, a corporate identity, or even those crazy NFTs you see on the news. While requiring more specialized talent, the payoffs are incredible, with even small assignments averaging $35-$85 per hour.

Hopefully these side hustle ideas have got you thinking of ways you can improve your bottom line and increase your monthly profit. With a little effort, you can be on your way to generate real income in a matter of a few days!

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