Fox Entertainment Gives Away 20,000 ‘Masked Singer’ NFTs


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Fox Entertainment invested $100 million into its NFT division
The first drop of 10,000 collectibles ran out in 10 hours.

In what could be its biggest reveal this session, Fox Entertainment just launched a line of NFTs based on the hit singing competition, The Masked Singer. And its first airdrop seems to have hit a high note, with Fox giving away 20,000 NFTs in less than 24 hours.

Fox has invested $100 million in its new Blockchain Creative Labs division, which handles NFTs. Yesterday,10,000 free “Miss Masky” NFTs in “The MaskVerse” collection were claimed by fans in ten hours. Demand was so great that Fox gave away another 10,000 of them today.

Each ERC-721 and 1155 collectible features a character from the Mask Singer television series and is minted on the blockchain. In Exchange for the NFTs, users had to register their digital wallets on

Next week, on Oct. 20, Fox plans to unlock the marketplace where fans can buy, sell, and trade Masked Singer NFTs. To build on the burgeoning crypto community, Fox is launching Discord servers managed by Collab.Land, a Blockchain Creative Labs’ partner, and token-gate access provider.

Along with the Masked Singer NFT launch, Fox is working with Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon on a blockchain-curated animated series, Krapopolis, that will feature NFT collectibles.

“The MaskVerse” will continue to release Mask Packs of Mask Singer NFTs and try to build on the momentum, while exploring new ways to use crypto marketing. In November, fans and collectors will be able to play a voting game—correctly guessing which characters will be eliminated in the Mask Singer’s final six episodes.

The popular series, which premiered in January, 2019, continues to be a hit in the ratings, closing out September with 4.37 million viewers according to


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