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Despite a few economic bumps so far in 2022, we are still living in an era where you can profit from economic downturns.

The U.S. economy is experiencing record-setting inflation while recovering from a worldwide pandemic. Bitcoin is the most explosive asset of all, and side hustles have never been as resourceful and abundant as they are now. The alignment of these life-changing events presents some great opportunities.

A world-class digital currency, Bitcoin, was first traded in May 2010, the same year Steve Jobs launched the iconic iPad. At that time, the price for one Bitcoin was about eight cents, and today the cost is $22,727 USD (*July 22, 2022). Currently, Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies are traded on more than 499 exchanges worldwide, with over 20,320 tokens and a $1.03T market cap.

Price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been an explosive asset.

More often in the news, we see stories about institutional investors and Fortune 500 CEOs diving into Bitcoin. Headlines, statistics, and online metrics suggest that Bitcoin is crossing the threshold from the early adopter to mass use.

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., has 73 million total users in 2021, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in the crypto industry. So the potential for growth and mass adoption is inevitable.

According to the Census Bureau, the U.S. estimated 6 million new business filings in 2021, skyrocketing since the pandemic began. CNBC states, “Starting a side business is one of the smartest financial moves you can make right now.” Forbes Magazine states it’s easier than ever to supplement your income with a freelance gig.

Industry giant BankRate reports that working Americans spend an average of 12 hours per week completing tasks related to their side hustle and earn an average of $1,122 per month, or $13,000 in a year.

At the top of each hustle listed, we detail how you are compensated. Some side hustles in this publication may compensate you in Bitcoin/crypto, while others pay you in fiat (USD). There are even a few hustles where you can choose how you get paid.

U.S. Census Bureau statistics for business formations in May 2021.
Monthly Total Business Applications for May 2021. Source: United States Census Bureau

Given the allure of being financially self-sufficient and with the continued expansion of technology, many are capitalizing on their untapped potential by discovering innovative side hustles to generate revenue. Now, it’s your turn!

Bitcoin Side Hustles is a “book of ideas” compiled to help you discover the best hustles related to Bitcoin and the entire crypto-universe. We presented 33 income opportunities, which are divided into seven crypto categories:

The ArtsFinance & Trades
Bitcoin VendingHardware
Crypto Communications

Bitcoin Side Hustles – Business Ideas Categories

Each Side Hustle is Evaluated on Simple Criteria

  • Effort
  • Risk
  • Seed capital
  • Skills
  • Additional Resources

Everyone contains a quick overview of the basic idea or concept, how it operates, and revenue possibilities. Also included are verified web links to bonafide resources to jumpstart your journey.

Bitcoin Side Hustles is the game-changer that will make a difference in your wallet while giving you the freedom you have always wanted. The key is to find the right side hustle and use your skills, interests, and preferences to boost your monthly income.

Stacks of bitcoin tokens

Whether you are a newbie, one who dabbles in crypto or even a total crypto-diehard, I’m here to inspire and navigate you through the crypto- universe.

While researching Bitcoin Side Hustles, I was astounded to learn the number of individual side hustles out there—the existence of some I wasn’t even aware of. Like anywhere on the Internet, there are other “opportunities” available, but many have

reputations for being unscrupulous, such as crypto gambling, cloud mining, and cookie-cutter affiliate sites, which were not included in this publication. Be sure to perform your own due diligence with any Bitcoin or crypto endeavor.

Most side hustles require minimal effort or investment and can be launched with a laptop and an internet connection. Virtually every side hustle can be started for under $500, and 32 out of 33 can be done completely from home.

Every Business Opportunity Has Fully Researched and Vetted

Each side hustle presented is viable, legal, sustainable, and proven to generate revenue. Some business opportunities are passive such as crypto mining or staking, while others require active participation such as a digital artist or YouTuber.

As you explore, be sure to check out Airdrops, a program that allows you to capture free cryptocurrency by completing small tasks. If Dogecoin is your thing, why not consider mining it from your home? Have artistic abilities? Discover how to mint your own NFTs. All of these never existed until now. Just imagine what the future holds.

3D Printed Bitcoin Logo is courtesy of Extruder3D on Etsy.
Image3D Printed Bitcoin Logo is courtesy of Extruder3D on Etsy.

As a savvy reader, you already see the potential that millions of others will never envision. This clearly gives you an advantage. There is no better time than now to take advantage of the ideas and opportunities presented in Bitcoin Side Hustles.

In 1903 the Wright Brothers took to the skies and made the dream of flying a reality. Only 66 years later, mankind soared beyond the stratosphere to the moon. Launched just over 12 years ago, Bitcoin trading is on a trajectory to rocket skyward. Today’s technology moves much faster than ever, and growth, which translated to opportunity is tremendous. Why wait?

To the moon and beyond!

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