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Bitcoin to the moon plastic decoration for home or office.
Bitcoin to the Moon. Photo courtesy of BitVeda on Etsy.

Side Hustle Stats for Crypto Decorations

Effort:  Low
Risk:  Very Low
Start-Up: Under $100
Income:  Varies per-item cost
Outsource: Yes

While researching, I was astounded at the quantity and quality of items related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency found on E-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon. Etsy alone offers over 35,000 products. So there is a solid market for crypto decorations, and as a side hustle, this may be a strong bet.

This is where your creative skills can come into play. For example, one innovative decoration item I’ve seen is a Bitcoin token inside a rollercoaster car with its “hands” in the air, obviously referring to Bitcoin’s never-ending ride of ups and downs. 

bitcoin decorative pillos for the home or office
Photo courtesy of EthereumPillows on Etsy.

Some clocks display the up-to-date amount for Bitcoin or another crypto, Bitcoin-themed party decorations, greeting cards, figurines, 3-D models, neon signs, furniture, other household items, jewelry, and even Christmas lighting. 

There’s no limit to the possibilities. The key is to develop a unique creative item that relates to cryptocurrency. Then, channel your imagination and ingenuity into income!

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