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Michael Cruz, author and contributor to the crypto-economy

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Michael Cruz, a proud Southern California native, attended CSU Long Beach with an emphasis in Speech Communications. In the 90’s, his life-long passion for eclectic knowledge meshed with an exciting new medium called the Internet. This unique combination sparked the inspiration to cultivate his web-building skills, as well as sharpening his expertise in content development.

Over the years, he has developed dozens of e-commerce and content-driven websites for various sectors. Additionally, he has served as an award-winning Executive Communications Consultant to the Metals and Pharmaceutical industries.

A published author, Michael has written several books on a variety of unique topics, including Field of Screams, No Money Down Deals, and Side Hustle Boss, along with legal-oriented publications PayNoFine and Shoot Back – How to Fight Your Red Light Camera Ticket.

His introduction to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology immediately led him to recognize how the crypto universe could literally change the world. This discovery led to his latest publication, Bitcoin Side Hustles – 33 Ideas to Make Money Online with Cryptocurrencies, which focuses on income-producing side business ideas related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Side Hustles eBook cover
Bitcoin Side Hustles

According to Michael, “We live in one of the greatest renaissance periods ever! The U.S. economy is on the rebound from a worldwide pandemic. Bitcoin is one the most explosive assets of all time and side hustles have never been more resourceful and popular as they are right now. The alignment of these life-changing events presents one of the greatest opportunities we have ever witnessed in modern times.”

Despite some volatility, he remains positive crypto will continue to grow and prosper as it matures. In the very near future, he expects crypto-related careers to experience tremendous growth. “No matter how you look at it, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.”

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